Welcome to this website that will help you to find happiness in your day to day life. This page will give you a very short introduction to how this site will help you.
Happiness is something we all desire. Whatever our colour, age, wealth, country of residence, etc., we all wish for happiness ! However, unhappiness is a big problem in the world. It is difficult to get accurate statistics about unhappiness. However, if we look at just one cause of unhappiness, anxiety, it is estimated in the USA alone that up to one in every five people suffers from it every year!

Perhaps like you, I have looked for happiness for many years, without having much success. While I used many self help books, websites, videos, etc, I found that those, while being mostly enjoyable, did very little in helping me to find happiness in real life. I therefore decided to try and find techniques that would truly work in a practical way in my life. In essence, I decided to look for what causes unhappiness, and then worked on finding techniques to use to stop those causes. Over the years I have found that the approach I have taken has made me a happier person. I am someone who enjoys sharing information, and thought it would be great to share what I have learnt so that others may benefit. I have kept the website free of cost to access, so that anyone, irrespective of their financial situation, can gain from it.

My aim is to keep this website free from unnecessary theories etc. Rather, I will focus on sharing techniques that you can truly apply in a practical way in your day to day life. My hope is that you will enjoy the material on this website, and more importantly, that it will result in real change in your life.

Happiness and unhappiness occur in your mind. It therefore makes sense to focus deeply into your mind to find out what causes unhappiness and then to work out how to stop those causes of unhappiness. Over many years, your mind may have developed “ways of thinking” that can cause unhappiness. These “negative” ways of thinking may have developed over so long that you may not have even noticed that it occurs in your mind. Most of us are very used to looking outwards and learning about the world. We use the internet, watch the news, travel, etc to explore the world. Yet how many of us spend even minutes looking inwards at our own mind? In this website, I will explain how your mind “thinks”. Then I will discuss various patterns of thinking that can cause unhappiness. With this information, you will be able to recognise such thinking when it occurs in your own mind. Finally, I will discuss techniques that you can use to help you to “stop” and change the thinking that causes unhappiness.

While the major emphasis of this website will be about stopping thinking patterns in your mind that cause unhappiness, I will also share with you various bits of philosophy related to happiness taken from various sources. For centuries before our time, many have searched for happiness, and their wisdom can guide us on our journey.

This ends my introduction to this website.

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