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Sweet start

As a monk, Kenzo had travelled all over the world in search of happiness. He was now staying in my town for a few months and had been given a room at the local meditation centre. I had arranged to meet with him, and as he saw me at the doorway, he welcomed me into the room,

“So you want me to teach you how to be happy?”

“Yes, I very much am looking forward to it. I am desperate to solve my unhappiness.”, I said gratefully.

As we sat down, he took a gift wrapped box from the table next to him, “Someone gifted this box of chocolates to me. I have to say, I do have a weakness for things sweet. Do you like chocolates?”

Without any hesitation, I answered, “I do!”

He gave me the box, “Well let’s enjoy some chocolates now! So tell me, how do we eat chocolates?”

A bit surprised with the question, I answered, “Well I suppose one just puts them into one’s mouth!”

“You can ‘t just put a box into your mouth! What do you need to do first?”, he asked in a teasing way.

“Ah. Well we first need to remove this wrapping, and maybe inside, the chocolates also have wrappings that need to be removed”, I answered, not knowing where this line of questioning was going.

“Absolutely right!” said Kenzo and continued; “It’s like the situation of unhappiness that you are in now. The wrapping and the box represent the causes of unhappiness. Once we remove these wrappings of unhappiness, inside you will find happiness, in this case, in the form of chocolates! I will tell you about the causes of unhappiness and tell you how to unwrap them away, to reveal happiness in you. But I must warn you, the work of unwrapping you will have to do yourself. Now let’s enjoy some chocolates !”

As I unwrapped the box of chocolates, so began my journey to stop the unhappiness in my life.